Just announced: The Supremacy of the Cybermen is coming!

Here’s some news I’ve been sitting on for a while. As Titan Comics announced yesterday, I am co-writing this year’s Doctor Who Comic Event with George Mann. Following last year’s superb mini-series by Paul Cornell, Neil Edwards and Ivan Nunes, the five-part Supremacy of the Cybermen celebrates the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who‘s metal monstrosities in style with a story that features the Twelfth, Eleventh, Ninth and Ninth Doctors.

Art is by the astonishing Alessandro ‘Red Lanterns‘ Vitti, with colours by Nicola Righi.

And let’s look at the covers. First up is Alessandro’s wonderful pin-up of the four Doctors together…


Then, we have Will Brook’s photographic masterpiece…


Next up is Fabio Listrani Nightmare in Silver…


And finally, a special cover for all you colouring book fans out there by Mariano Laclaustra…


More news when I can share it, but needless to say we’re having a blast working on this!

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