Iris Wildthyme 3 reviewed plus M&M madness

Had a rather jolly day yesterday with my old pal and writing chum Mark Wright. It started with a mooch around the London Pulp Book fair where I was very good and only bought two things – the 1965 Avenger’s novel Deadline and, just in time for halloween, Lady Cynthia Asquith’s Third Ghost Book, first published by Pan in 1955.

Later while wandering around Forbidden Planet I picked up the latest issue of Starburst and was chuffed to find a review of Iris Wildthyme series three, which Mark and I produced and includes my own The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society. Reviewer Nic Ford describes the box set as “utterly glorious insanity”. He also says:

None of these stories are trying to get terribly deep. But I think that’s part of their success: they’re just silly. But the good silly, the painstakingly researched and really cleverly put together silly. The whole point of Iris is that silliness is a serious business, and this particular collection does silly very well indeed. They are bonkers throughout and utterly joyous.

I love the line about silliness being a serious business. We’ll have to use that in our promotion of the series in future.

You can buy series three of Iris Wildthyme today

Talking of silly, my day with Mr Wright ended with a visit to the absolutely bonkers M&M store on Leicester Square. Talk about mad. I’ve been to the one in Las Vegas but even that wasn’t as crazy as M&M World London. I honestly didn’t think we were going to get out alive at one point. People were almost fighting to buy overpriced candy merchandise. Christmas decoration of Green M&M ski-ing? Only 208 quid. Swarovski Crystal and Lambskin Jacket? A snip at £2,266.95! I bought two – one for every day and one for Sunday best…

Four levels of M&M craziness
The height of candy-based haute couture
A Study in Scarlet Chocolate
Mark Wright and a right royal sweetie

I just want to know where Curly Wurly World is opening.

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