Introducing Plot & Geekery – Cavan’s new livestream

When the lockdown started in the UK, Cavan decided to try a livestream to keep in touch with his followers, linking up with his friend and fellow writer, George Mann.

This has developed into a fortnightly show where Cavan and George share behind-the-scenes info about their working weeks, answer live questions, and give writing advice.

If you’ve missed previous episodes you can click here to watch the latest show where Cavan and George talk about how they pitch stories for books, comics, audio, and TV.

The pair are back this Thursday evening at 8:15pm British Summer Time with another show and a new name – Plot and Geekery.

This week they will be once again asking your questions and then will be creating a new character live on the stream, maybe even asking the audiences for prompts.

They’ll also be revealing the things they’ve been geeking out about this week and answering more of your questions. If you have a question about their work or writing in general, then why don’t you leave a comment below.

In the meantime, head over to the Strange Matter Youtube channel to subscribe today!

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