Interviewed about Dooku, Star Wars Adventures and more on the Tatooine Sons podcast

Continuing the interviews and podcasts that I recorded at Star Wars Celebration, everyone should check out the latest episode of Tatooine Sons where I talk Dooku: Jedi Lost.

The idea behind Tatooine Sons is simple: a dad who grew up loving the Original Trilogy chats Star Wars with his two boys. It was a great pleasure to meet up with David, Sam and Nathan to discuss Dooku, Star Wars Adventures and From A Certain Point of View. Here’s the blurb for the episode:

We wish we could have brought all of you with us to Chicago for Star Wars Celebration! And in some ways, we hope that our wall-to-wall coverage did that in a way! As our way of showing how grateful we are to you for all your support – both financially and in sharing our content – we present to you our interview with Cavan Scott, author of the soon to be release audio novel, Dooku: Jedi Lost. This was a really interesting conversation with bits of information we hadn’t heard about the novel. And wait till the end for a really telling NON answer to a question that is more relevant after the trailer release for The Rise of Skywalker! We couldn’t do this show without you. We really mean that. And we hope you enjoy our interview with Cavan Scott.

You can listen to our conversation here.

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