Hammer Chillers – The Box reviewed

hammerchillers_305Listened to the first of the new Hammer Chiller half-hour audios on the road yesterday. The Box by Stephen Gallagher is a suitably chilling ghost story with a modern twist that makes great use of the traditional radio-drama format. Bafflegab Productions have chosen not to include a creepy music soundtrack in the background and the play works all the better for it. Claustrophobic and downright creepy, this is a classy start to the series, definitely worthy of the Hammer name.

What is the secret of the Box, a helicopter crash simulator that dunks those taking a survival training course into a freezing sea-water pool? What are people seeing down there, beneath the water?

Somehow both timeless and thoroughly up to date, this is one to file alongside the classic Man in Black and Vincent Price horror shows of old.

Looking forward to listening to the second episode by Mark Morris later today.

Hammer Chillers is produced by Bafflegab Productions, with a new episode released every Friday.

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