Going Star Wars crazy at the Cheltenham Literary Festival

It was a great honour to appear at the Cheltenham Literary Festival this last Saturday. Before the event, I managed to have a little chat with the staff…


Although I soon learnt not to comment on a Stormtrooper’s height…


Thankfully I managed to escape before the torture droid arrived, and so took to the stage at Cheltenham Ladies’ College in front of over 160 enthusiastic Star Wars fans.


The covers of the books looked amazing on the big screen…


All in all, I had a great time introducing the characters from Adventures in Wild Space to the crowd, as well as getting kids up on stage to wow the audience with their Chewbacca and Darth Vader impressions, plus of course seeing how everyone did with the great Star Wars quiz.


It was also fab to have so many children dressed as Star Wars characters for the signing afterwards too. And if things got a little rowdy, these two were ready to step in…


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