Friday Update – 3rd February 2023

This week has been a game of two halves. Let’s start with the challenging stuff and work up to the wins! 


  • I posted on Monday about HNPP, the health condition I am contending with at the moment. While my walking stick is super-cool, the fatigue part of the neuropathy has really kicked me in the backside the last few days! It’s been like wading through treacle while wearing concrete boots, but I have managed to work around it and am looking at different coping techniques for flair-ups. More on those soon. 
  • I had notes back on an animation script that were fair, but tough. More than fair, to be honest. I could guess they were coming as I struggled writing this one, but the good thing is that they’ve helped me see a way to improve the next draft considerably. I say next draft, but it will be more of a page-one rewrite. Needs must! The short-term pain will mean a better episode.

And now, onto the:


  • Monday saw me in Cardiff, where I took the chance to catch up with my friend Scott Handcock who has been recently promoted to Script Editor on Doctor Who. Next time we shouldn’t leave it so long, Scott!
  • I finished work on Star Wars: The High Republic – Path of Vengeance which is now heading to the printers. Hurrah!
  • The animated movie proposal I’ve been working on since December was officially submitted. Now we wait nervously for the studio’s thoughts! Gulp!
  • Farside Features sent a super-cool animatic for a new Blood of Camelot sizzle.
  • I finished the script for the graphic novel I started writing at the beginning of Jan. 
  • Nick started work on the final issue of Dead Seas and we recorded an interview for the Capes and Tights podcast together.
  • Skywalker Thrawn drew another AMAZING piece of Tey Sirrek fan art!
  • We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with my wife’s delicious homemade lasagna. Always a treat! (Happy birthday again, Dad!)
  • The AMAZING trailer for The Ward: Welcome to the Madhouse came out. You can see it below!

So, the good absolutely outweighed the bad and in the case of the notes, well, that’s just part of the job, and definitely an essential part of the process. 

Writing all this out helped, actually. I felt pretty down when I started but realised how many great things happened. A good reminder. Finding something to be grateful for always improves your mood!

Reading-wise, I finished The Circling Sky by Neil Ansell. As I said on Instagram, the chapter on veteran oaks in Neil’s book made me want to run out and find as many ancient trees as possible! I’m getting a reputation for writing plant horror – hello, the Drengir! – but really do love being in the great outdoors. And yes, I have bought a new stick to help me with more rugged terrain as well!

Finally, if you’re not watching The Last of Us you missed out on one of the most incredible hours of television. Do yourself a favour and watch episode three as soon as humanly possible. Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby!

And if you have seen it, then here’s a lovely little behind-the-scenes video about Bill and Frank’s beautiful story. Enjoy!

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