Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #6 arrives, reintroducing UNIT and sending the TARDIS to the Bristol of my childhood

Let’s party like it’s the 1970s. Or maybe the 1980s. Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #6 lands today, with art by Adriana Melo and Marco Lesko, and sends the Ninth Doc, Rose and Jack back to the Time Lord’s UNIT days. And by UNIT we mean Sergeant Benton, Harry Sullivan and a few more familiar faces to come…

Here are the first few pages…




I’m particularly happy that the adventure takes place in my home town of Bristol. Bristolians may recognise Blaise Castle there, one of my daughters’ favourite places to play. I popped up to Blaise earlier this year to get some reference shots for Adriana.


The idea of setting the story in Bristol came from a talk by local comic artist Si Gurr at the Oxfam Cotham Hill Bookstore last year. Si was running through the various comics that have been set in Bristol, and I realised that in 16-years of writing Doctor Who I had never set a story in my home town. I also needed a setting for my UNIT story and the stars aligned perfectly. This three part story is the result.

Here are the covers, by Simon Fraser, AJ and JAKe…




Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #6 is available from all good comic stores, plus digitally at Comixology US and UK.

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