Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 out today

Hold on to your super-powers – issue five of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor is out today.

When we left the Ninth Doctor and Mickey last issue we discovered that not only had Rose developed super-powered abilities, she was also on the way to become a monster. Here’s where the action picks up…



Adriana Melo is back on art, with Mat Lopes on colours. Just look at that spread. Fantastic! And here are the covers:

9D_05_Cover_A 9D_05_Cover_B 9D_05_Cover_C

This issue, which wraps up ‘The Transformed’ arc, also includes the return of a character from last year’s mini-series. Oh, and it has a cliff-hanger that will hopefully please fans of 1970s Doctor Who. I know my heart leapt when I saw Adriana’s art for the last page.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 is available from all good comic stores, as well as digitally through Comixology US and UK.



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