Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 reviews

9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_A - Shea StandeferIt’s a week until Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #2 hits comic stores, so let’s check out what the reviews said about issue 1…


  • 4/5 “Fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled, “Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor” #1 reads like a fun, episodic adventure.” Comic Books Resources
  • 10/10 “Once again, Titan Comics has struck gold with yet another excellent ongoing series and I’m genuinely excited to see what this creative team has up their sleeve.” Pop Culture Bandit
  • “With this fan-favorite trio at the helm and a playful poke at nerd culture, this story is likely to entertain and delight Whovians both old and new.” Comics Beat
  • 8.5/10 “A truly astonishing opening issue.”
  • 8/10 “Any fan of the Doctor would do quite well to pick up this series NOW!” TMStash
  • 4/5 “A compelling bit of mystery with winks at the history (and fandom) of Doctor Who, playing with the bits and pieces of time travel. Fun stuff!” Major Spoilers
  • “Audacious territory and only a writer in complete command of their material and with a healthy dose of chutzpah would dare attempt it. Which is why you need a writer like Cavan Scott.” Warped Factor
  • “The ideal spin-off comic, one that expands and enriches what we have already seen in the televised adventures… while remaining exciting enough in its own right to make you want to find out what happens next.” Tripwire Magazine
  • “That sense of fun also comes from a well-written TARDIS team, whose voices (and banter) Scott captures well, and he’s also good at adding a touch of humour to proceedings.” Down the Tubes
  • “With a tantalising premise and interesting themes, this is an excellent start to the ongoing Ninth Doctor series.” Blogtor Who
  • 8/10 “A great start!” Comic Plug
  • “I’m very impressed and looking forward to the next instalment.” The Doctor Who Show
  • “So how’s the book? Can I say it? Yea I’ll say it… FANTASTIC! Cavan Scott and Adriana Melo nail it. Pacing spot on, dialog spot on, visuals spot on.” What’cha Reading
  • “Fun, intriguing and a little bit meta.” Geek Pride
  • “The spirit of the ninth Doctor is captured well.” AIPT
  • “Exciting and intriguing” The Doctor Who Companion
  • “A fun ride” Comics Worth Reading
  • 4/5 “Nice cliffhanger Cavan Scott, well played.” Nerdly
  • 4/5 “Cavan Scott, who wrote the excellent Ninth Doctor mini-series from several months ago, continues to do an excellent job capturing the essence of the characters portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and John Barrowman.  You can hear their voices in your head as you read this issue!” Kabooooom
  • “A great example in how comic books should be done.” Fanboy Nation


Issue one is still available in stores and on Comixology US and UK if you want to check it out…

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