Countryfile: Great British Walks on sale now

“Look what we found in John Lewis,” my Dad’s email excitedly said this afternoon.

Look indeed – it’s the first ever Countryfile Magazine book, available now from far more places than just John Lewis. Featuring 100 walks around the country from the first two years of Countryfile Magazine, Countryfile: Great British Walks was edited by yours truly. I also wrote the new material, including essays on the history of walking in Britain and guides for the novice rambler.

The book is on sale for the princely sum of £12.99 (or just over eight quid if you go to Amazon).

In related news, the new issue of Countryfile Magazine is also out this week and very good it is too. Fergus and the team have given the old mag a fresh, new makeover that fully deserves the phrase ‘new and improved’. I’m there too, on the back page with a chilling ghost story of phantom bunnies. No, seriously.

You’ve got to love those lambs on the cover. The mag has just popped up a video online about how it was shot over on Adam’s farm in the Cotswolds, a place I’m due to spend a lot more time over the next few months…


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