Captain Korda and Talen tackle World Book Day

Well, this is all kinds of awesome!

Earlier today Tom Huddleston (author of awesome books including Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space and Warhammer Adventures Realm Quest) tweeted this…

Let’s see Stan’s costume in full, inspired by the cover of The Snare

The Empire approves, Stan. The Empire approves.

And then a few minutes later I checking into Instagram and saw this:

Talen, straight out of Attack of the Necron. The Imperium will never be able to catch you dressed like this!

And all this on top of other Warhammer Adventure fans getting creative!

I hope you have fun celebrating World Book Day, whoever you’re dressed up as. Oh, and for the record, I’m dressed as an author who has just had a Cadbury’s Cream Egg for breakfast. Well, it is a party day, after all…

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