Book hauls and spinning plates

Egads*, I’ve been quite quiet here over the last week or so. As Dizzy Rascal would say the last couple of weeks have been bonkers. My head has been stuck in all manner of projects. June and July are certainly going to be busy, but I’m not complaining. Plate spinning is my favourite past-time. That and eating pies. Mmmmm. Pies.

I did get chance to unwind over the weekend, as my old mucker, George Mann came to visit. If you don’t know George’s work you should check out his steampunky Newbury and Hobbes mysteries – the forth in the series, The Executioner’s Heart, is out next month.

The plan had been to visit Tyntesfield House (recently seen in Hide, a brilliantly spooky episode of Doctor Who). However, the place was so packed that they’d shut the gates before we got there. We headed into Clevedon for rides on the miniature train, ice-creams and fun playing with pebbles on the beach instead.

It was there we saw a fateful sign – “To the bookshop”.

And there was me trying to declutter the bookshelves at home. Sigh.

Predictably, I came away with more books for the to read pile. Been meaning to pick up David Stuart Davis’ The Veiled Detective for a while and couldn’t resist the prospect of a ghost story from Andrew Taylor.

And I’m always a sucker for folklore and magic. Why have I never heard of the Weird and Horrible Library before? You’ve got to love that cover. Plus, the book has already given me a couple of ideas for a series of short stories I’m writing based around an organisation know as MI666. More of their exploits another day…

That’s it, no more books this month. I have to be strong. It’s not like I’m going to the Alastair Reynold’s signing at Forbidden Planet in Bristol on Thursday. Gulp!

Anyway, back to the here and now. Today I need to:

  • Outline the plot for Skylanders The Mask of Power book six. (I have the basic idea and lots of cool scenes, but need to pull it all together).
  • Outline a new Warhammer 40,000 short story.
  • Plan a new kid’s activity book for Puffin.
  • Research Image Comics for a feature I’m writing later in the week.

But first, onto the first thing on my to-do list: Coffee!

* By the way, does anyone actually use the word ‘egads’ anymore? Other than Thor the Thunder God, of course. They should. In fact, can everyone try to use it at least once today? Thank you.


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