Adventure Park opens its doors! My new series of books for reluctant readers is out!

An exciting post-bag today, not the least because it contained my copies of Adventure Park, the new reluctant reader series by me and top illustrator Abby Ryder.

Here they are, spread out for all to see:


They look fantastic! Abby has done such an amazing job bringing the stories to life, especially Frank, our sarcastic and always hungry hamster! Abby’s art is just so vibrant and funny – I can’t imagine Adventure Park without her!

Writing the eight books in the series was a blast! Each story sees Emily and Jacob explore a different part of a magical theme park, run by Emily’s grandad, Albert Sparkle-Trousers (a cross between Willy Wonka and the Wizard of Oz!)


Along the way there are dragons, pirates, eating competitions, mummy crocodiles and a quite literal ghost train! I really hope they will go down well with readers in schools and libraries up and down the country.

Find out more by visiting the Adventure Park page on the Badger Learning website!

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