A new-look website

Spent the time I should have spent writing my new book, rebuilding my website in WordPress. Whoops! Still, I’m pleased with the result. Have a look around and see if you like it too.

The old site was built using iWeb, Apple’s web-building software, but I’d been losing patience with the package for a while now. Most of all, as it was published from my iMac, I could only make changes while in the study back home. This way I can update wherever I am. Also, as I wasn’t hosting the site on MobileMe, the blog couldn’t support basic functions like comments and social networking. Major fail there.

So here I am now, in my shiny new home. Of course, I’ll probably end up tweaking away for weeks now until I am totally happy with everything. Let me know what you think, if you find anything that’s broken or if you have any suggestions.

Right, this book won’t write itself – more’s the pity…

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