Truth, justice and the British way

Cavill as Superman? Picture courtesy of Ain't It Cool News

And so the new Superman has been cast. Henry Cavill is the new Man of Steel in Zack Synder’s upcoming reboot.

Across the Atlantic, the news has caused some of our American cousins to get their pants over their tights in a bit of a twist. But, they stammer in shock, a Brit can’t play Supes! Doesn’t he stand for truth, justice and the American way?
Well, ignoring the fact that Superman is an alien, I have to question the logic. After all, actors are people paid to pretend to be something they aren’t. They put on costumes, put on accents, put on characters every single working day of their life. Should they only play roles that are based on their country of birth?
On Twitter, fans have also pointed out that there would be a furore if an American were to be cast as James Bond or Doctor Who. They’re right of course. Certain corners of the interweb would melt down if such a thing happened, but the same points stand. A good actor, be they British or American, would adapt to the role. In Bond’s case, you’d hope they’d adopt a British accent, but when it comes to the Doctor there’s no reason he couldn’t sound like he hailed from the U.S of A. After all he’s been from Scotland and Salford before. Why not Seattle? OK, I’d have to get used to it but there’s nothing to say it couldn’t happen.
Oh, and of course, the first ever screen Bond was American, good old Jimmy Bond of the CIA…

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