Project: Destiny is on the clock

The last month or so has seen me locked in my study, hammering away at the keyboard on a new book so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog and a few pieces of news have slipped by.

First up is that the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine features news of a new Big Finish audio that I’ve been working on with my long term writing partner and general mucker, Mark Wright.

Here’s the official Big Finish news release for Project: Destiny:


Avid followers of Big Finish’s audio Doctor Who adventures will know all about the Forge, a secret organization led by the vampire Nimrod. The Sixth Doctor first encountered them in Project: Twilight (released in 2001), then the Sixth and Seventh Doctors were embroiled in another Forge encounter, Project: Lazarus (released in 2003). And since then, fans have been crying out, ‘When are you doing the final story in the trilogy?’

Well, writers Cavan Scott and Mark Wright have teamed up once again to create Project: Destiny, to be released this September as the first story in 2010’s second Sylvester McCoy mini-season. Actor Stephen Chance will once again reprise his popular role as Nimrod, when the Seventh Doctor and Ace return to Earth after the shooting of their companion Hex, only to find that London is not what it was…

Also guest starring in the story is Maggie O’Neill (Shameless, Peak Practice, Invasion: Earth) as Captain Lysandra Aristedes.

“Over the years we’ve had many requests to continue the Forge storyline,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs, “and indeed, Nimrod and his cronies almost got their own spin-off series a while back! But, instead, they’re back with a vengeance in this thrilling story of alien mutation and personal betrayals. Be warned – a long-kept secret is about to be divulged, and things may never be the same again.”

Mark and I popped along to the recording in May. It was great to be back in the studio and catch up with Sylvester, Sophie and Stephen.

We’ve also been working on an number of other projects together, but more on those soon…

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