IDW | Four-issue mini-series | Launched October 2020

Script: Cavan Scott

Artist: Juan Samu

Colours: David Garcia Cruz

Letters: Neil Uyetake

Editors: Chase Marotz & David Mariotte

Transformers Back to the Future combines two of my favourite franchises. When I was asked to write the official crossover comic, I could only shout ‘Great Scott’ and dive in. It’s the perfect fit. Both Transformers and Back to the Future are packed with adventure, humor, and (most importantly) heart. Plus, it gave me a chance to play with multiple Transformers timelines, harkening back to some of my favorite Transformers storylines of the ‘80s, while also bringing in elements of all three Back to the Future movies. Look out for classic characters, both human and Cybertronian, and a few surprises along the way!


“A clever, lightning fast first issue packed with fun, which proves that IDW got the right creative team for the job.” SYFY Wire

“A riveting team-up that manages to merge the best parts of what both franchises represent.” 4 out of 5. But Why Tho

“This comic is both new and familiar, and that’s what makes it so good.” 9.6 out of 10. Comic Watch

“Outstanding…I found myself enthralled, engaged and enchanted.” Reading with a Flight Ring

“What comics should be– fun.” Graphic Policy

A great comic… fun, funny and funky.” 5 out of 5. Pastramination


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