Magic and medicine crash together in a secret hospital for supernatural patients


Script: Cavan Scott

Artist: Andres Ponce

Covers: Andres Ponce, Franco Riesco

Designer: May Hijikuro

Colours: Andres Ponce

Letters: Mauro Mantello

Editor: Dave Marshall

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Welcome to St. Lilith’s, a secret hospital for supernatural and mythological beings in desperate need of medical help.

Put plainly, The Ward is ER meets Supernatural, telling the story of Dr. Nat Reeves and her team of extraordinary medics facing life-changing decisions each and every day!

What the experts say

“A glorious mashup of fantasy and medical drama, The Ward is an incredibly fun debut that combines first-class world building with gorgeous artwork. Exactly what the doctor ordered!” David Prepose (Savage Avengers, Fantastic Four)

“Should be prescribed to lift your spirits. A great kickoff to what promises to be one of the best books on the shelves.” Ethan Sacks (Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy)

“Cavan is one of my favourite voices in comics and The Ward feels like it was made for me. At the heart of it, it’s about finding yourself again and your true cause. Not always an easy feat.” Lan Pitts (Psycho Goreman)

“Throws you headfirst into the action and doesn’t let up!” Scott Duvall (Army of Darkness)

“An absolute blast.” Clay McLeod Chapman (Whisper Down the Lane, Ghost Eaters)

“A genius combination of supernatural and medical genres that makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it before.” Mark Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)

“One of my favourite new reads!” Heather Antos (Senior editor on Star Trek from IDW)


“An instantly compelling book.”

“… an intriguing premise for a series – so much so that you wonder why no one else has thought if until now.”

“The Ward #1 has everything, from suspenseful drama to a wide assortment of yokai, monsters & other preternatural creatures, creating a wondrous world, albeit with a splatter of blood & broken bones here and there–nothing that St. Lilith’s and its brave residents cannot handle.” CBR

“A sharp script and great character driven art make an engaging read from page one. It’s Grey’s Anatomy meets B.P.R.D. and it’s done very well.” Comic Watch


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