Script: Cavan Scott

Pencils: Ario Anindito, Georges Jeanty

Inks: Mark Morales & Karl Story

Colours: Annalisa Leoni

Letters: Ariana Maher & Joe Caramagna

Cover art: Phil Noto, Ario Anindito, Georges Jeanty, Peach Momoko, Javier Garron & Marte Gracia

Editors: Mark Paniccia and Tom Groneman

Publisher: Marvel

Originally planned to launch August 2020, the Marvel High Republic comic was put back to January 2021 with the other High Republic launch books due to the pandemic.

The book was an instant success with five printings of issue one selling over 200,000 copies. Issue two went to three printings while issues three and eight had two printings each.


Star Wars: The High Republic #1 feels like a more vibrant and exciting version of the “galaxy far, far away” than we are used to seeing.” Newsarama

“This book is in good hands with Cavan Scott and the amazing artistic team.” Comic Crusaders

“Brings light and life to this new era of Star Wars.” But Why Tho?


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