Hawkman and Hawkwoman in “Home for the Holidays”

Script: Cavan Scott

Art: Fico Ossio

Colours: Sebastian Cheng

Letters: Josh Reed

Editor: Michael McAlister

DC’s Grifter Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Scripts: Stephanie Williams, Dave Wielgosz, John Layman, Cavan Scott, Max Bemix, Scott Bryan Wilson, Michael W. Conrad, Derek Fridolfs.

Art: David Lapham, PJ Holden, Juan Doe, Fico Ossio, Pablo M. Collar, Skylar Partridge, Christopher Mitten, Carlos D’Anda, Dustin Nguyen.

Colours: Nick Filardi, Mike Spicer, Sebastian Cheng, Ivan Plascenscia, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Brennan Wagner, Carrie Strachan.

Letters: Travis Lanham, Pat Brosseau, Ferran Delgado, Josh Reed, Dave Sharpe, DC Hopkins, Becca Carey, Wes Abbott.

Editors: Andrew Marino, Michael McAlister, Ben Meares, Katie Kubert.

Publisher: DC Comics

Released: 23 November 2022

Ho-ho-ho my gosh, it’s time to deck the halls with holly…er, Harley Quinn, Batman, and more of your favorite DC superstars! Who made it to the Nice List? Hawkman? Black Canary? Is that Animal Man on the naughty list? And how did Grifter find himself in the targeting sights of those pesky reindeer! Get one for you and an extra for a loved one’s stocking (yule be glad you did!) in this holiday song celebration!