Written by: George Mann and Cavan Scott

Released: 16 March 2020

Published by: Audible

Don your deerstalker and break out your magnifying glass as you go undercover with Holmes and Watson in this interactive adventure produced exclusively for Amazon Alexa.

Holmes’ arch-nemesis Moriarty may be dead, but a new Napoleon of Crime appears to have taken his place. Make the right deductions to guide Holmes and Watson as they fight to unmask this new foe, then head to Audible to continue the story in an eight hour audio drama brought vividly to life by a full cast, including Audible favourites Nicholas Boulton and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

61 potential endings but only one will see you save the day.
Progress tracking and automatic bookmarking for resuming later
You can restart the story at any time and choose a different path to try to find the correct ending.
2 pieces of bonus content available for purchase if you need extra help finding the right ending. 

To help you on your journey:
Say “replay the scene” to repeat the last scene 
Say “repeat the question” to repeat the question
Say “go back” to go back to the previous scene 
Say “start over” to start the current Chapter over from the beginning 
Say “skip” if you want to skip part of the story
Say “what can I buy” to hear about optional bonus content to help you make it down the correct path
If you need help, just ask.