On the renovated docklands of South East London, on the bank of the river Thames, the doors of the Dusk are open for business. Bets are called, cards are dealt and roulette wheels spun. As fortunes are won and lost, an inhuman killer stalks the local avenues and alleyways a killer with a taste for human flesh.

Is there more to casino owner Reggie “The Gent” Mead or is he just a common gangster? What secrets are hidden in the bowels of the Dusk? And what connection does the apparently sleazy Bermondsey casino have to a long- buried government initiative known as Project: Twilight?

The Doctor must form uneasy alliances where the line between friend and enemy is blurred, playing games of chance…

But are the stakes too high?

Published by Big Finish Productions, August 2001

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Big Finish Productions


Project: Twilight is so easy to enjoy on first listening that one feels suspicious. What’s the catch? Why isn’t more thought or concentration required of the listener? Debutante writers Cavan Scott and Mark Wright clearly do not suffer from first-publication syndrome; their script comes without any apparant agenda, and is gratifying rather than gratuitous.”

“Perhaps the main reason Project: Twilight is so easy to enjoy is that it doesn’t matter where any of the characters are at any given time, since they all have easy access to each other, and the facts are revealed at a pace that suits them. It’s definately not a film, novel or teleplay squashed into this format, and the writers give the impression they’ve been doing this for years.”

“Chinese cooking is about contrasts – sweet needs sour, crisp needs gooey and fiery needs bland. Here are the yin and yang of archetype and originality, cosiness and horror, closure and promise; a well-balanced set meal.

Dave Owen, Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 309, October 2001