Author: Cavan Scott

Illustrators: Cole Marchetti and Dan Boultwood

Publisher: Games Workshop

Released: 14 August 2021

Book 6 in the Warped Galaxies Series.

Fantastic Sci-Fi books for children aged 9-12.

Guided by the vision of a mysterious psyker, Zelia finally finds her mother on a distant world, far from Terra. But even now, are the friends really safe while they carry the ancient relic that led to the destruction of Talen’s home planet?

  • A family is reunited, but a world will be ripped apart as the unstoppable Necrons close in on their prize.
  • Warped Galaxies reaches its exciting conclusion as loyalties are tested, destinies are set and the Space Marines arrive in force!

Also available as an audiobook read by David Tennant

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