Friday Update – 13th January 2023

Happy Friday 13th! Here’s hoping we all get through the day without being murdered by a mask-wearing maniac.

Thankfully, I’ve so far managed to avoid slashers both great and small, which has left me able to motor on with various projects. Usually, I would’ve shared updates on Twitter, but have pulled back from the big blue bird. In all honesty, I’ve been surprised by how little I’ve missed it, especially considering how often I used to tweet. Perhaps that’s why the last few days have been so productive (he says, knowing all too well how much time he’s spent on Instagram!)

So, what have I been up to? 

Comic-wise, I wrote the script for issue 6 of Dead Seas, wrapping up the series. In doing so, I made myself cry, which hopefully means the issue will have the punch Nick and I want for the finale. It’s now off to Chase, our glorious editor at IDW, for his notes. I can’t believe the writing’s almost done, all while we promote issue one. Actually, Nick and I were up to that on Sunday evening, chatting to the wonderful chaps at the Awesome Comics Podcast. You can listen here, especially for the moment when Nick made his entrance playing a guitar!

Tuesday saw me making edits to my short story for the upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic anthology, which will see all the THR authors contributing a tale. It was great to return to characters I haven’t written for a while, but that’s all I’m saying about it for now. The book comes out in September. 

Both those jobs wrap up work I started in 2022, but the rest of my week was about the future. I’m developing two movies at the moment; one with George Mann for Strange Matter, and the other an animated feature with a director here in Bristol. There have been meetings about both, as well as back and forths with the showrunner of a kid’s show I’m currently working on. I need to start the script for that next week. 

Talking of scripts, I managed to get some pages down on a new spec, not as many as I wanted, but as the note above my desk reminds me: ‘small progress is still progress!’

Away from work, I finished reading Little Eve by Catriona Ward and started to watch The Rig on Amazon Prime. The former was beautifully gothic and had a twist I didn’t see coming, while the latter feels like a Pertwee Era Doctor Who without the Doctor; the Green Death on an oil rig! 

I’ve also been binging Screenshot, a BBC podcast with Mark Kermode and Ellen E. Jones, which was first brought to my attention by Paul Cornell, who publishes weekly updates of SFF-related radio shows on his blog. The Bowie episode was a highlight, as was the dive into Folk Horror. The best thing about shows like this is that I’m always adding to the list of films I need to watch, although the arrival of a new shiny thing for my desk made me want to pull out an old favourite instead! Time will tell if the Goblin King wins out tomorrow when I settle down to watch a movie…

So what about you? What has your week seen? And what books, films and TV have you been enjoying? Let me know in the comments below!

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