Interview round-up

If you like the sound of my voice, this post is for you!

I’ve been popping up in interviews here, there and everywhere the last month or so, but haven’t flagged them on the blog, so thought it was time for a round-up.


Kicking us off is an interview on the official 2000AD website with me and artist Luke Horsman about our new ongoing strip, Enemy Earth which premiered in this week’s prog after a successful pilot last year.

We talk to Richard Burton about the transition from 2000AD Regened to the regular blog, how 2000AD was always an all-age title that pushed boundaries and also share some of Luke’s amazing behind-the-scenes sketches and process images. You can read it here!


Next up is JediCast by German site Jedi-Bibliothek which I recorded in a cupboard while at Noris Force Con 5 in Fürth. Okay, it wasn’t a cupboard, but an office, but it does show the glamour of my life.

Yes, I was necking a coke while we set up, and no, I’ve no idea what the coat hanger was doing on the wall.

But the interview was a lot of fun, including some inside track on Star Wars: The High Republic, how my imposter syndrome at Skywalker Ranch led to the creation of Keeve Trennis and obviously a mention of Jaxxon.

You can listen to it here.

Radio Tatooine

I also had the chance to sit down with the boys from Radio Tatooine at Noris Force Con to talk about the High Republic and answer the question of why a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe should take a chance on our new era.

You can check it out here.

Joshua’s Space

Booktokker Joshua interviewed me at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year about Star Wars, Doctor Who, what inspired me to become a writer, the most challenging Star Wars novel I’ve written, whether I’m a planner or a pantser, meeting fans and also my favourite book of all time.

Have a listen here.

Star Wars 7×7

Finally, Allan Voivoid at Star Wars 7×7 has been a great supporter of Star Wars: The High Republic so I was really pleased to be able to have a deep dive with him about my ways of working, how to be productive as a writer, and the way the High Republic team work together.

Split over two shows you can listen on Allan’s website and also watch them below:

That’s it for now, but will there be more interviews to come? With the launch of phase II of the High Republic next week, you better believe it.

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