Update 7th June – The Ward hits comic stores

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It’s an exciting day today, as issue one of The Ward hits comic stores!

I have to admit that it’s been a long road for co-creator Andres Ponce and me as, at one point, the book – which has been described as a cross between ER and Supernatural – was very nearly a casualty of the perils of pandemic publishing. Thankfully, Dark Horse stuck with us and we’ve finally made it to the shelves. I’m so happy to be flinging wide the doors of St. Lilith’s, a top secret hospital for supernatural patients. There’s more info at the bottom of this newsletter, but if you fancy a sneak peek at the pages then point your gurney here!

Another of my books has just launched, my original novella from Absinthe Books, an imprint of PS Publishing. Anchor’s Heart is available in two editions, including a limited run signed editions, both with wonderful covers and illustrations by my Star Wars: The High Republic partner, Ario Anindito.

Again, keep scrolling for more information!

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Let’s get on with the news, including a new book all the way from Gotham City!




Writer: Cavan Scott | Art: Andres Ponce | Colours: Andres Ponce | Letters: Mauro Mantella | Cover: Andres Ponce, Franco Riesco | Editor: Dave Marshall


From the writer of Star Wars: The High Republic comes an intense medical drama brimming with fairies, trolls, and real human pathos.

St. Lilith’s is a secret hospital for supernatural creatures. The personnel are overworked and the facility is underfunded. It’s a place, and a life, Dr. Nat Reeves thought she left behind. Until a wounded woman (with a tail) appears on her doorstep.


Writer: Cavan Scott | Cover Art: Ario Anidito

OUT 27th MAY

Paramedic Mark Poole is subletting his aunt’s flat as he recovers from a work-related breakdown. He fills his days with helping the neighbour with her garden, doing odd jobs, trying not to think about the call that resulted in his having to take a leave of absence. When he hears a voice that no one else seems to hear, sees things that no one else seems to notice, the house next door assumes a darker significance and he determines to find out what’s going on, who it is that needs his help?

His search opens the floodgates to more strange occurrences, and soon Mark is fighting for his life—or his sanity, if he’s wrong, as his friends insist he is.


Writer: Cavan Scott | Art: Corin Howell | Colours: Triona Farrell | Letters: Andworld Design | Editor: Adrian Wassell

OUT 25th MAY

You only die twice. Tragedy has struck MI666. With an agent down, the hunt begins for the killer. Meanwhile, the ghost of Gideon Quill continues to delve deeper into Gina Meyer’s past, coming face-to-cursed-face with the spirit of the man who terrorized her as a child.

Continuing the supernatural spy saga by New York Times bestseller Cavan Scott (Star Wars: The High Republic) and Corin Howell (Wonder Woman).

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