Q&A: My favourite Bond villain

Zac Depaola asked:

Who is your favourite Bond villain?

I really appreciate being asked about Bond. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love 007 in all his forms, books, movies, comics… Ian Fleming’s world (and the films) are a massive influence in my creator owned comic, Shadow Service (which if you haven’t seen please check out. It’s black ops meets back magic, full of spies and supernatural horrors!)

All that said, I always find it hard to choose definite favourites of anything as it all depends on my current mood, so I also always add a disclaimer to these things as my faves may suddenly change!

Now, this might be a controversial choice, but I’m a huge fan of Elliot Carver from Tomorrow Never Dies. I love the fact that he isn’t so much concerned with taking over the world, but manipulating it to build his media empire. As he says himself, there’s no news like bad news.

I actually think Elliot has one of the most believable motivations of all Bond bad guys, albeit writ large.

Plus, it’s hard not to smile when watching Jonathan Pryce’s gleeful performance, especially when he’s having such fun with headlines!

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