Star Wars: The High Republic Volume 1 – There Is No Fear

Collecting the bestselling first arc!

Star Wars: The High Republic Volume 1 – There is No Fear is now available in bookstores. The trade paperback collects issues 1 – 5 of my bestselling Star Wars: The High Republic Marvel series and contains the complete story arc: There Is No Fear which introduces the world to Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis.

The scripts are by me, with pencils by Ario Anindito, inks by Mark Morales, colours by Annalisa Leoni, letters by Ariana Maher and that now iconic cover art by Phil Noto. Let’s take another look the amazing opening pages:

Here’s the solicitation:

A new era of Star Wars storytelling begins! Journey back to the High Republic – the golden age of the Jedi!

  • Centuries before the Empire and the Skywalker saga, the Jedi are at their height, protecting the galaxy as Republic pioneers push out into new territories.
  • But as the frontier prepares for the dedication of the majestic Starlight Beacon, Padawan Keeve Trennis faces the ultimate choice – will she complete her Jedi trials, or rescue the innocent from disaster?
  • And can she trust her closest ally? Enter a rich and vast world of new Jedi! New worlds! New ships! And new evils to fight – including the terrifying Nihil!


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