Star Wars The High Republic – Starlight: First Duty Part Two

Issue 202 of Star Wars Insider is published today including part two of Starlight: First Duty, my new short fiction set within Star Wars: The High Republic and starring Starlight Beacon’s new senior administrator, Velko Jahen, as she tries to solve an attempted assassination on the station.

In fact, Velko features in this amazing art by Louie Di Martinez.

Here’s what else you’ll find in the issue:

In Star Wars Insider #202 we’re celebrating Star Wars fiction – starting with an exclusive interview with Timothy Zahn on the 30th anniversary of the release of his novel Star Wars: Heir to the Empire! Author Claudia Gray discusses her High Republic novel, Into the Dark and Kristin Baver reveals how she wrote the ultimate Star Wars biography, Skywalker: A Family at War. And of course, there’s our exclusive fiction, part two of The High Republic: First Duty by Cavan Scott!

Droid builder Lee Towersey and R2-D2 performer Hassan Taj take us beneath the dome of the galaxy’s most resourceful astromech; we go behind-the-scenes of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, ILMxLAB’s stunning VR experience; relive the adventures of Mando and Grogo in our companion to Season Two of The Mandalorian; and much, much more!

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