Introducing a new Star Wars audio drama – Tempest Runner – plus is that a red lightsaber?!

That can't be a you-know-what...can it?

I’m stoked to be back writing Star Wars audio drama two years after the Audie nominated Dooku: Jedi Lost.

The exclusive news of my brand new audio original Tempest Runner was announced by Krystina on yesterday’s episode of The High Republic Show.

Set in the High Republic era, Tempest Runner focuses on Lourna Dee as she leads her warband of Nihil following the events of my upcoming novel, The Rising Storm (out in June from Del Rey).

Lourna was originally created for Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi and quickly became a fan-favourite. In the audio we delve a little more into her past and see her having to cope with threats from both the Jedi and her own number.

Tempest Runner is out in the Fall from Del Rey and Penguin Random House Audio and will be available to pre-order soon.

Star Wars: The High Republic Show also exclusively revealed Phil Noto’s duel-tastic cover for Star Wars: The High Republic #7.

What’s this? A red lightsaber?

Surely not.

All will be revealed in July!

Those were just a couple of highlights from a packed show that saw Kristina interviewing my fellow luminous creators Claudia Gray, Daniel José Older and Lucasfilm press editor Jennifer Heddle. We also revealed the main character from Justina Ireland’s book Out of the Shadows and took a look behind the process of creating all that awesome concept are.

You can watch below.


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