Cavan Scott Newsletter – March 2021

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My month

It’s been a comic-heavy February.

I wrote the closing chapters of an online comic I’ve been creating for Legendary, submitted issues 7 and 8 of Star Wars: The High Republic (and worked up some nice tie ins with Daniel’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures), wrote up a non-High Republic Star Wars script and started a brand new series for one of the big two – my first ongoing superhero title. I am excited!

So excited in fact that I’m going to do what Russell T. Davies used to do in his Doctor Who Magazine production notes and share some of the words that feature in that script with no context:

They are: ‘selfie’, ‘malice’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘solar’. 

What could it be?

There have also been talks for not one, but two creator-owned comics, one for a publisher I’ve worked with before and another with a new set up. It’s still very early days on both, and we’re ironing out the details but I’m looking forward to getting started. Because you’re my beloved newsletter subscribers, I’ll give you another tit-bit of information… one is horror and the other is science fiction. 

In TV land, the animated series I’ve been teasing on the newsletter was announced and has a title – Billy Fēi and the Cloud TrialsCheck out this link for moreBilly is very definitely for younger viewers but I started developing a new adult animation series with a long-time collaborator and have had a couple of exciting chats with other animation houses about future work. Working in animation has always been a dream, so keep your fingers and toes crossed on those for me! 

Other meetings have included a tone meeting with the director, producer and script editor of the audio series I’ve been writing with George Mann and regular chats about the future of the High Republic with the rest of the Project Luminous crew, all of which I obviously can’t discuss in any detail but are exciting all the same.

The tone meeting for the audio was really interesting, and the first time we’ve been involved in something like it together (although both of us have had similar meetings on separate projects). We discussed casting, sound-effects and music styles as well as, as the name suggests, the overall tone of the project. Every one of these experiences is a chance to learn and I know we both took things from the chat that we’re going to use in future projects. In my case, the lessons learned writing that script are going to be really useful on a solo audio project I should be starting at the end of next month. 

This month’s prize draw – Wanted Comix Star Wars: The High Republic Variant Covers

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This month, the prize is doozy – Signed copies of Wanted Comix’s incredible variants of Star Wars: The High Republic issues 1 and 2 featuring awesome art from Will Sliney! At the moment, these are the first copies of these variants that I’ve signed so they’re going to be real collectors editions.

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There will be another great prize in April!

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