Shadow Service: Volume One Now Available to Pre-Order!

If you haven’t already picked it up, Shadow Service is my creator-owned comic, co-created by Corin Howell and the first collection is hitting comic stores 7th April.

It’s the story of a street witch who has been working as a private investigator and now finds herself recruited to a top-secret supernatural spy agency known to its agents as MI666.

There she meets Coyle, a ghoul who becomes the dead bodies he eats and Aashi, a cold-hearted assassin who always obeys orders, no matter what the cost. They are commanded by Hex, who looks like a ten-year-old boy but is anything but. 

Here is just some of Corin’s incredible art from the first five issues, all coloured by Triona Farrell…

Issue six picks up where we left off, but in case you haven’t been reading, you have a great chance to dive in with the first collected edition. Shadow Service Volume One collects the first five issues and is everything you need to know about our team as they face the demonic double-crossers and dark magic.

The final cut off if you want to order Volume One at your local comic store is Monday 8th March, so please get your orders in now. It really helps, especially if we’re going to get extended beyond our initial ten issue run. 

The Diamond Order Code for the trade is FEB211622.

MI666 is depending on you! 


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