Talking Star Wars: The High Republic characters with Tatooine Times.

Fabio Fiori of Tatooine Times has this week published an interview with about the creative processes behind my Marvel series Star Wars: The High Republic and how the characters have developed during the writing.

Here’s a little preview of just some of the things we discussed, in this case creating our lead character, recently knighted Jedi, Keeve Trennis:

“Her colourful vocabulary wasn’t actually a part of the character until I started writing issue one. That came very much out of her. It’s the opposite of what you expect a Jedi to do. When she meets Avar Kriss and has that moment of saying exactly what she’s thinking … she knows what she’s doing and can’t stop. It’s a way of identifying with her because we all know what that moment feels like.”

Read the full interview here

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