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Join the Valentine’s Day Melee

Today is one of those moments I’ve always dreamt about – my first DC super hero work appearing in print.

This year’s DC Comics Valentine Special includes Together Forever, an eight-page Hawkman and Hawkwoman story written by me, with pencils by Jose Lius, inks by Jonas Trindale, colours by Rex Lokus and letters by Carlos M. Mangual. It’s just another day for our winged wonders as they try excavate an alien tomb that is hurtling towards Earth.

The short was my first commissioned super hero work for DC, the call to pen last year’s Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace coming in afterwards and I couldn’t have chosen a better pair to kick off my time at DC.

The second-ever DC Comic I ever read was DC Comics Presents #37 starring Superman and Hawkgirl, a story by Jim Stalin and Roy Thomas that made me a Hawk fan forever. Can you blame me? Eight-year-old me thought Hawkgirl was the coolest ever. Those wings? That mace? And that was before she saved Supes from a fiery death! In my mind, anyone who rescued the Man of Steel deserved to soar to the top of my list! Not long after I was introduced to Hawkman as well, again though DC Comics Presents (oh, how I loved that book), and I’ve never looked back…

Fast forward 40 years and I couldn’t resist pulling out my old copy of DC Comics Presents #37 to place it side-by-side by my Love is a Battlefield comps. Seen those ‘where it began / where it’s going’ memes on Twitter. Well, this is my version of it, and it’s all thanks to editor Michael McCalister for giving me a shot. I owe you, pal. If you ever find yourself helplessly trapped in a doom dimension of ultra-gravity, you can count on me to pull you out!

DC Love is a Battlefield also features a host of other Valentine-inspired stories. Here’s the full run down, plus Kaare Andrews’ incredible cover starring the incomparable Harley and Ivy.

DC Love is a Battlefield is available from all good comic stores and digitally from Comixology US and UK.

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