Talking Shadow Service, Star Wars and scary public safety videos with 3CM

Geek chat galore

I had a great time chatting to Chris Nelms, Mike Morello and Peter Renna over at Comic Book Invest about Shadow Service, Star Wars and scary comics in general.

If, like me, you’ve missed sitting talking geeky stuff in convention bars, chats like this are the next best thing. We talked the origins of Shadow Service and about how it was inspired about the weekly British comics of my youth, and also delved a bit into Star Wars comics, fandom and the High Republic.

And yes, we talk about how the 70s and 80s were designed to terrify children, even down to public service announcements that were scarier than most movies.

You can watch the conversation here:

The guys also wrote up mini-reviews of Shadow Service, Star Wars: The High Republic and Vader’s Castle on their official write up of the episode. They even tracked down my favourite scary public service announcement, Lonely Water which properly traumatised me as a kid… “This branch is weak… rotten… it’ll never take his weight.”

Check it all out here…

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