Interviewed with Daniel José Older about Star Wars: The High Republic comics

The official Star Wars website has released an interview with me and my Star Wars: The High Republic co-creator Daniel José Older about our upcoming comics.

We chatted to Kelly Knox about the Marvel High Republic ongoing and Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, which launch in January and February respectively.

Michael Siglain, Lucasfilm Publishing’s creative director also popped up to say some very kind words about the Marvel comic:

Cavan has done a beautiful job of making it this really big, high adventure. It is absolutely space fantasy, it’s absolutely horror, it’s absolutely a mystery, it’s absolutely a very personal story. I think he has pulled together so many other elements into it to make it this really big, epic, well-rounded, authentic Star Wars story.

In the interview we give the run down of both books, Starlight Beacon, the villains, and how we worked in collaboration both on the comics and in the initiative as a whole.

Read the full interview here

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