Talking Star Wars: The High Republic with Forbes

Discussing the new publishing initiative from Lucasfilm

Yesterday, I joined my fellow High Republic creators on a mammoth virtual press junket talking about our new Star Wars initiative with a bevy of news outlets.

The first interview has landed on the Forbes website with Megan duBois’ ‘Star Wars The High Republic Will Debut A New Galactic Era In 2021‘.

We talk about each of our individual projects and the initiative as a whole, also highlighting how our Jedi are different to what you’ve seen before.

Here’s a little excerpt:

These are Jedi who don’t expect to have to light their lightsaber. Usually if they do reach for the lightsaber that’s the end of the problem. No one in their right mind would take them on, and then they face people who will… They have lived for centuries without a major conflict, so their entire view of life, the Force, and themselves, and the Order, and their relationship with the Republic is very different than what we’ve seen before. This is a time when the Jedi Order and Republic are equals in every sense of the word. They are partners. 

Read the entire interview here

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