Cover reveal: Star Wars The High Republic – The Rising Storm

Exciting times today as Lucasfilm announced the title and revealed the cover of my upcoming Star Wars The High Republic novel, out 6th July 2021 from Del Rey.

I’m so pleased to present The Rising Storm.

Isn’t that fantastic? The incredible art is by Joseph Meehan who also provided the cover of Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi, which is out next month.

I provided some quotes on the novel over on, although most details are under wraps at the moment.

I can identify the characters on the cover however. Right to left, that’s Padawan Bell Zettifar, introduced in Light of the Jedi; Stellan Gios and new character Ty Yorrick, who is described mysteriously as a ‘Saber-For-Hire’.

The eagle-eyed among you may recognise her from this concept art by the legendary Phil Noto.

When Phil painted that Ty wasn’t named, in fact she had no character at all. That piece of art was done for Charles Soule’s proposal for what was then Project Luminous. All five of us prepared a proposal, Phil producing a bit of concept art for each. Those Jedi came out of Phil’s imagination, but when I saw them, I immediately started filling in their backstories. I just couldn’t help myself.

When the decision came to run with The High Republic, I pitched some of those backstories. You might notice some now familiar faces. The Trandoshan became Sskeer, whereas the pale skinned fellow with the double blade was quite literally split in two and became the twins Terec and Ceret.

The Twi’lek was originally destined to be one of the senior Jedi on Starlight Beacon, Phil’s portrait of him appearing alongside the character’s description in internal documents until Charles pitched Loden Greatstorm for Light of the Jedi, who was also a Twi’lek. That was the point where our Starlight Jedi became the Kessurian master that has been spotted on advanced pages of Star Wars The High Republic #1 from Marvel (see below!)

And yes, the Tholothian next to the Loth Wolf became Ty Yorrick.

As for the female Jedi in the middle, a few folk have asked if that is Avar Kris and no, no it isn’t.

Keep watching for more Star Wars The High Republic news soon. It’s going to be coming thick and fast over the next few weeks.

In the meantime you can preorder The Rising Storm now!

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