Introducing Star Wars: The High Republic – The Great Jedi Rescue

Here’s a little extra Star Wars: The High Republic goodness, especially for your younglings.

Out Jan 5 2021, Star Wars: The High Republic – The Great Jedi Rescue is an 8×8 storybook that retells the story of the Great Disaster from Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi for readers aged 5-7.

Meet the Jedi of the High Republic!

When a disaster in hyperspace puts the people of Hetzal Prime in danger, only the brave Jedi – the guardians of peace and Justice – can save the day.

Written by me and with gorgeous illustrations by Petur Antonsson, the story is told from the point of view of everyone’s new favourite Wookiee Jedi, Burryaga and best of all, the 24-page book comes with stickers, including, yes, Burry himself, as well as Avar, Loden, Bell, Jedi spacecraft and more!

Being asked to write the first Star Wars: The High Republic storybook was such an honour, none-the-least because the format reminded me of such treasures from the past as this.

My biggest hope is that for kids who have never read a Star Wars book before, The Great Jedi Rescue will be the beginning of a lifetime reading adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

More info on the storybook soon!

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