Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #18

A few years ago, I was speaking at a Society of Authors event in Bath and I was asked about my ambitions in comics. I said, as I often did in answer to this question: “Well, if I never write Wonder Woman I’ll be very upset.”

From tomorrow, I’ll have to come up with another answer as I make my DC Comics debut with Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #18.

A big thanks to the digital first’s editor, Michael McCalister for asking me to write Diana in Fight Night, a story that sees her locking horns with a magnificent mythological beast. Pencils are by José Luís with inks by Jonas Trindade, colours by Rex Lokus and letters by Carlos M. Mangual.

Keep scrolling for an exclusive preview of the issue, which will be available digitally for just .99c / 75p!

You can pre-order Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #18 now!

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