Shadow Service #4

A ghoul's origin story revealed

Shadow Service #4 materialises this Wednesday, 18th November from Vault. Gina Meyer has sold her soul to a devil to save her client, but can MI666 bring her back to the light?

Here’s the solicitation:  

Coyle’s cursed past revealed! Necromancy! Gina’s secret abilities! Murderous encounters in an uncanny art gallery! The MI666 team are closing in on their target–but who’s targeting them?

After three issues finding out about Gina, our attention turns to Coyle. Just how did he develop his monstrous appetite?

As always, it’s words by me, art by Corin Howell, colours by Triona Farrell and letters by Andworld Design.

Here are our incredible covers (cover A by Corin and Triona, cover B by Rebekah Isaacs), plus a preview of the first few pages which include another sneak peek of Section 26’s multi-dimensional mobile HQ.

Issue four of Shadow Service is available from your local comic store, plus digitally from Comixology US & UK.

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