Talking Star Wars: The High Republic with Gizmodo

Gizmodo have just released a major interview with me about my work on Star Wars: The High Republic. We talk the earliest moments of the initiative, my personal connection to the characters, monocultures in Star Wars, working with the team on the wider story and our deep love for the lore.

Here’s a little preview:

“We’ve had stories of Jedi who were confident. We’ve had stories of Jedi who search, who want to know more, who want to be better. I want to tell the story of a Jedi who is good, but doesn’t know how good she is—and doesn’t know why she’s been chosen for this and struggles with that question and what that would mean to her character. How would she respond to people? She has a relationship with Sskeer she’s had for years, as his apprentice. And he’s there. But now he’s not there. She’s equal to him. And perhaps he’s going off with other people, and she’s going off on her own. That was fascinating.”

Read the full interview here

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