Shadow of Vader’s Castle

Spectres, ghouls and were-gamorreans!

Out today, we take our third annual visit to monstrous Mustafar for Shadow of Vader’s Castle from IDW.

Featuring a story by me and art by Derek Charm, Nick Brockenshire, Nicoletta Baldari and Francesco Francavilla, the issue delves into some of the earliest moments of Anakin Skywalker’s life after he adopted the title of Darth Vader, the fate of a Imperial investigator who dares explore the Dark Lord’s fortress, a tale of a sinister Sith sorcerer and Imperial mad science gone wrong.

Check out below for both our wonderful covers, the first by Francesco and the second by Derek, but some sample pages direct from the opening prequel which was originally due to appear in Star Wars Adventures #2 but was moved to the main issue so no-one misses it!

Shadows of Vader’s Castle

Shadow of Vader’s Castle is available from all good comic stores and
digitally from Comixology now!

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