2000AD #2206

Judge Anderson rides again

2000AD publishes its fourth Regened all-age takeover today, which includes my latest Anderson Psi-Division story that sees me teaming up once again with Paul Davidson on art, Len O’Grady on colours and Simon Bowland on letters.

Early Warning continues the story we started in Prog 2183 with Anderson and her Rookie, Hawkins, facing an alien threat.

The issue also features Cadet Dredd: Tooth and Claw by Mike Carroll, Nicolo Assirelli, Gary Caldwell and Annie Parkhouse, Abelard Snazz: The Only Way is Up by Paul Cornell, Anna Readman, Pippa Bowland and Jim Campbell, Venus Bluegenes: Threat Level Zero by Liam Johnson, Aneke, Barbara Nosenzo and Simon Bowland, and Future Shocks: For The Man Who Lives Everywhen by Karl Stock, Tom Newell, John Charles and Annie Parkhouse.

2000AD #2206 is available from all good comic stores and digitally from Rebellion now!

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