Talking terror in a galaxy far, far away, being Star Wars resident scary storyteller and… Were-Gamorreans

Things that go bump in the stars

As I said last week, I always think the spooky season continues until at least Christmas Eve, so let’s extend our halloween with two interviews where I talk about Star Wars and horror.

First up, both I and my chum and regular collaborator George Mann provide quotes about the influence of horror on George Lucas’s saga for a special article by Fabio Fiori of Tatooine Times.

And then, over on the official Star Wars website, I am interviewed about by Emily Shkoukani about being Star Wars’ resident scary storyteller.

No, I didn’t make up that title, they did and I’m going to dine out of it FOREVER!

We discuss the challenges of writing horror for all-ages, horror’s legacy in a galaxy, far, far away and some of the treat awaiting you in tomorrow’s Shadow of Vader’s Castle with sneak peeks of Monster Yoda and the Were-Gamorreans.

Yes, I said Were-Gamorreans.

Go read it here!

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