Misty & Scream 2020 Special

The 2020 Misty & Scream Halloween Special is out today featuring a very special story by myself, incredible art by Vincenzo Riccardi and letters by Simon Bowland.

Why is it so special? Well, back in the 80s I adored Scream. I mean, why wouldn’t I? A horror comic featuring lashings of terror with trademark British black humour? They might as well have made it just for me. And my favourite strip was The Dracula File which told of a KGB agent chasing the Lord of Darkness through Britain’s green and pleasant land.

It had influenced so much of my writing, from the Forge stories I wrote for Doctor Who with Mark Wright, to Shadow Service which I launched this August with Corin Howell in August.

I was therefore over the blood moon when Rebellion asked me to open the Dracula File one last time for this year’s special, providing a chilling coda to this previously unfinished comic classic.

And I couldn’t have asked for a partner better than Vincenzo to bring this grisly final chapter to life.

I mean, just look at the first page…

What’s even better? Well, now I have been granted a halloween moniker by Scream‘s own infernal editor, Ghastly McNasty. From this point on, I am known as ‘Count’ Cavan Scott (as well as ‘Creepy’ Cavan Scott when I work on the Vader’s Castle series!

You can buy the Misty & Scream 2020 Special here and in all good comic stores.

Here’s the blurb:

Just in time for Hallowe’en, Misty & Scream returns with another 48-page anthology stuffed with scares to create a new generation from British horror fans!

The Prince of Darkness comes face to face with an old foe in ‘The Dracula Files’ from Cavan Scott and Vincenzo Riccardi; Black Beth’s quest for vengeance continues thanks to the fevered minds of Alec Worley and DaNi; and Kek-W and Simon Coleby reveal the ghoulish World War I air ace, Black Max, attempting to cross back over into the world of the living!

Plus there’s three frightfully fresh stories to shock your socks off – ‘Thief of Senses’ by Maura Mchugh and Robin Henley; ‘Bumps in the Night’ by Olivia Hicks and John Lucas, and ‘The Aegis’ by Kristyna Baczynski and Mary Safro!

So lock your doors and hide under the duvet as this is the spookiest read you’ve encounter this Hallowe’en!

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