Shadow Service #2

Shadow Service #2 hits stores today, throwing our witchy detective Gina Meyer into the hands of Britain’s supernatural secret service. 

Captured by supernatural secret agents, Gina faces the mysterious head of MI666. With her powers turned against her, the witch-turned-private investigator must risk everything to escape. But with her enemies closing in, can Gina resist one final call for help? Infernal Intrigue from Cavan Scott (Star Wars) and Corin M. Howell (Dark Red).

Here’s what these lovely folk have said about it:

“Gripping story and hauntingly gorgeous art!” Joe Eisma (Engineward)

“I wanna be able to do my job as well as Cav, Corin and Triona when I grow up. These guys are the guarantee of rock-solid quality. Can’t recommend Shadow Service enough.” Nick Roche (Scarenthood)

“Don’t sleep on this series. A great spooky read from two lovely comics friends.” Jody Houser (Stranger Things)

“Ace characterisation, great concept, thrilling story, awesome art.” Richard Dinnick (Doctor Who)

“Fun, creepy and awesome.” Matthew Dow Smith (Johnny Chaos)

“Start your descent into the spooky season.” Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters)

Here are our amazing covers (cover A by Corin and Triona, cover B by Rebekah Isaacs), plus a preview of the first few pages. Enjoy!

Published by Vault comics, issue two of Shadow Service is available from your local comic store, plus digitally from Comixology US & UK.

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