Interviewed by Newsarama about Shadow Service, where black ops meets black magic

With issue one dropping on August 19 from Vault Comics, Newsarama have just released an interview with yours truly about Shadow Service.

We talk about the first spark of the idea, the inspiration behind the series, the difference in scripting this to licensed work, background research and lead character Gina’s magical isolation.

Here’s a quote from one of my answers:

This is definitely a character-based story, where the lines of who you can trust are blurred and someone is always ready to either stab you in the back or devour your soul, sometimes both at the same time. And that’s before we get to the car-chases, assassination attempts, betrayals, and gadgets – all delivered with a sprinkle of brimstone. 

Read the entire interview here and don’t forget to talk to your local comic store about the series. You can also pre-order the digital edition of Shadow Service #1 Comixology US and UK!

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