What we know about Star Wars: The High Republic so far

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art by Phil Noto

It’s been just a week since the news dropped about Star Wars: The High Republic and Cavan’s part in the launch of this exciting new venture. Since then, fresh information has been coming thick and fast, so here’s a quick round up to make sure you’re up to date.

The question that started everything

Kristin Baver from StarWars.com was on-hand for the exclusive reveal and had a chance to gather behind-the-scenes details straight from Cavan and the rest of the Luminous Five. Check out her article on StarWars.com: Here are the 5 Things We Learned About Star Wars The High Republic!

The Luminous Five reveal (almost) all

The official Star Wars website also published a roundtable interview by Dan Brooks that took place last March at the legendary Skywalker Ranch back when Project Luminous was still top secret. In this interview, Cavan reveals how they formulating the story:

 We broke stories last time, and then we were all given responsibility to take one of those and develop it. They’ve all fed into this story that we’re creating now. The nice part has been, we had our last retreat here where we came up with all the different stories, and now we’re pulling bits from each and creating a joint story. And that’s the nice thing about it. So much time as writers, I mean, we get in comics and you work with artists. Different scripts and [you work]  with actors and the like, but this is different when you’ve got five creative minds. And you’ve got the safety net as well of going, “I can’t get from A to B,” and then someone else will say, “Why don’t we do this?” That suggestion sparks something else between you.

You can read the full interview on StarWars.com by clicking here.

On the Star Wars Show

And if you weren’t lucky enough to be in the room for the big reveal, The Star Wars Show has you covered! Watch the edited footage of the launch below.

A Marvellous announcement

Meanwhile, Marvel reveals more information about Cavan’s Star Wars: The High Republic comic. Check out the official release here.

Keep checking back here for more High Republic news as it happens!

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